Care Values

I know how to show my care values in the classroom. I think we have the care values at Oaklands School because  then the children can be rewarded for their good behaviour. I think the most important classroom care value is respect your and others right to learn.

Integrated learning

Walt describe ideas about school design
The school idea I am presenting is a Silent Room.
I am presenting this by making a model.
I think the school should use this idea because if you are feeling annoyed or angry the Silent room would be a place that you can go to calm down. Sometimes everyone needs somewhere to go to take a breather and the Silent room would be the perfect place.


At swimming I learnt to how to do the 6 kick drill.The thing that I find the most challenging was staying on my side well kicking.The thing that I am the most proud of is that I am now able to do the 6 kick drill.

Reading-the BFG

I would use the word brave to describe Sophie. I think Roald Dahl wrote this story because it is good for children.

persuasive writing

We are learning to write persuasively.  Some places I would find persuasive writing are Elections, Speeches, Stories, Newspapers, Blog post, Letters, Movie/game reviews, Online news and Advertisements.

strand maths

we have learnt how to measure

visual art

last week I created a collage showing an ocean habitat.the three animal I chose were a Hector's Dolphin,a seal and a yellow eyed penguin.The feature of my art I am most proud of is Sea Weed

My writing goal

My writing goal is to put punchtuation in the right places. Something I will do to achieve this is check my writing when I have finished.

Reading - Our class novel

As a class we read the novel best mate by Michael Morpurgo. The best thing about this book was that Becky ran away to save Best Mate. A question I have for the author is why are all of your books about animals? I am feeling excited to start reading the BFG.

Integrated learning term 2

Our new focus is on animals and habitats. A question I have is why do elephant have tusks ?

Instructional writing

The four features of instructional writing are
1. Title
2. Equipment
3. Instructions
4. Picture or diagram

In my instructional writing I was pleased with the way that I made shore that I had everything that is needed. Next time I want to not make as many mistakes.

My reflection

                                                          My reflection
                           I wondered if we will be the first class to fill up our green light
                           Jar first.