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Learner Qualities: Be Self Aware

Oakland School Learner Qualities
Be Self Aware (Excellence Value): SML tasks

Be self aware
I know my learning goals.
I know how I learn best.
Think about and reflect on:
  • How have I been managing my time with completing my SML Tasks?
  • How well have I been completing them?
  • Have I been completing my MUST Dos each week?
  • Have I been organised enough to complete bonus tasks?

What is my learning goal?
IALT manage my time well so I complete all my “MUST Do” SML Tasks each week
What has been going well?
Mathletics because I have been getting 1500 points every week.
What have I been learning to do to get the tasks done?
I work only with the people that I work well with so I get more done.
Which tasks have I completed well?  Why?
Writing, Reading and Maths because I use my time wisely and focus on getting my follow up tasks completed on time and to a high standard.
Mathletics because I use my time wisely and do most of it at home. Each week I get 1500 points or more.
40 book challenge because I like and enjoy reading. I am now up to about 45 books logged.
Which tasks have been challenging?  Why?  None
What are some other bonus tasks I would like to do? Maybe Fast Facts  
My next step is…….. To get up to 60 books in the book challenge.

Winter Sport PE Assessment - Teamwork and Relationships

Mihi solo rubric

Art attack week

WALT: create artist inspired artwork. 

What did I learn to do ?
First we looked at some of Raewyn Harris's art work for some inspiration. Second we looked at the colour wheel and we picked complimentary colour. Next we picked colour to blend and after that colours for light to dark.  Then we did our first copy in pencil and started to think which colour would go where. After that we did another copy but this time in chalk and colour it in. Last we did another copy but with a A3 piece of paper that was our good copy. We had to make our chalk lines big and thick because the chalk turns into black lines. Once we were done with that we then coloured it in. When we were finished colouring it in we dyed it with black art dye. Then we were finished.

What is my next step ?
My next step is to make sure that my art does not get smudge. 

This is my artwork.


To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about

We watched some rap videos on bullying.
We were given a rap in groups and had to learn and perform it.

How did you go about achieving this?
Aysha, Mackenzi and I were very determined to finish
What resources were used to help you?
HTML 5 drum kit and my book.
Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people?
I collaborate with Aysha and Mackenzi.
How did you find the process?
Good but it was hard to come up with some sentences.
What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap?
Making the beat.
What might be your next step?
Making the beat.

Bullying Rap
I come to school feeling very very cool and then I see you and you push me in the pool.You make me cry when I try to say hi you should pay me for all the things you do why oh why are you such fool ? Why don’t you let me be free I plea I plea. Why do you always run the school, just agree agree you are fool. I am cool everywhere else but just at school you make me look like a fool. I cry and I try and say hi but all you do is be a big fool with a tool.