How I have changed during the year.


2014 T4 Numeracy

We are learning to solve problems like 45 + ? = 67

I can break up 42 into 40 + 2 and also 54 into 50+4
Then I say 40 and how many more to make 50 is 10
and 2 and how many more make 4 is 2 
so 10 +2 =12

2014 T4 CARE

§  Self-evaluate how we have gone on our CARE values of Community, Active Thinking, Respect and Excellence.
§  Choose the value we have worked the hardest on and give a reason why we think that.
§  Choose the value we have improved the most in and give a reason why we think that.
§  Think of the value that we want to work more on during next year.


We are learning to …
§  play a game of “Treasure Chest” that involves running, jumping and hopping.
§  Run relays using a baton

2014 T4 Discovery

Discovery is a time when we get to opt into a variety of activities that have been set up by the teachers. We work in mixed groups of Year 1 to Year 3 children. We are allowed to choose another activity when we have finished the first one.

Each time there is a focus for that Discovery time on one of the Key Competencies of…

I drew a picture and made a word find.


Making my board game.

I still need to finish the game.

2014 T4 Reading

We are learning to …
§  read and respond critically to short texts and extend our reading interests.
We know we have done this when…
§  we can answer comprehension questions
§  we can understand the meaning of new vocabulary and work out unknown words using the context
§  we have a good working knowledge of word structure e.g. prefixes, suffixes, syllabification
§  we can recognise homophones, synonyms, similies and onomatopoeia

2014 T4 Written Language

We are learning to write a recount about the Oaklands School 50th Jubilee or the school Production for the Jubilee.

We know we have done this when...
- we have written some details about some of the events.
- we have written the details in order.

- we have made it interesting for the reader to read.